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Emporis Tower - a new commercial and IT Space project of IndoWorld Group

Indirapuram Habitat Centre – Best Commercial Shops in Ghaziabad

April 3, 2016

The town Indirapuram in Ghaziabad has taken the real estate sector of Delhi-NCR to the new heights. The town located at shut proximity to the national capital Delhi which increase its popularity & fan following. A huge number of people work in Delhi, Noida & Delhi-NCR & most of them lives in Ghaziabad so that’s the reason of getting large number of consumers in terms of shopping, having food & fun, watching movies etc. Victory Infratech researched on future needs of people from Indirapuram Ghaziabad and comes with a luxury project INDIRAPURAM HABITAT CENTRE.
Victory Project Habitat Centre located at most desired location in Indirapuram on NH24. Habitat Centre getting popular because all the major places And vaishali metro station, Anand vihar ISBT also available at shut proximity.

Indirapuram Habitat Centre Ghaziabad offers Retail Shops, Studio Apartments, Food Court, Schools, Virtual Retail Space, Residential Space, Multi Facility Habitat Club and Multiplex, etc. Habitat Centre facilitate power backup, centralized air conditioners, gym , fire alarms, ATM , lifts, intercom facility, central park, sports facilities, reserved parking, club , infrastructure, food court, open space and the connectivity to various places these amenities make this projects unique. Two Schools mother’s pride & presidium is there in.

The Retail Shops in Indirapuram Habitat Centre are superb with world class facility and yes it is in talk so much because of neighboring residents. These commercial shops are available on lease with assured return (up to 13%) and the lease done with TATA WESTSIDE for 15 Years.


Victory Habitat Centre World Class Retail Shops in Ghaziabad call@ 9555133505!

March 3, 2016

In the Real estate Development the Victory Infratech epitomizes the quality. Indirapuram Habitat Centre is the recent addition of the Victory Infratect’s list. The project Habitat Centre Ghaziabad situated near well established residential societies and corporate industries. Major Places of Delhi and Delhi NCR are easily accessible from IHC Ghaziabad as Anand Vihar(ISBT) bus stop and Vaishali metro station are situated in its very shut proximity.

Location: Ahinsa khand-1, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad Size: 250 - 1500 Sq ft. Plan: Retail Shops Price: 30,000/ Sq. Ft. Posession: 2016

Hence, it's quite clear that people can’t notice anyplace better than Victory Habitat Centre for retail business. Nowadays People do not have much time to waste in travelling and this is the reason of being in demand for IHC Commercial Shops.

Well designed retail, exclusive residential apartments and recreational center has been developed. This implies that people don’t need to go any other place to fulfill their needs. Indirapuram Habitat Centre Retail Shops are now fully furnished and available with the size 250 to 1500 Sq. Ft.

And yes the developer has decided to equip every Retail shop of Habitat Centre Indirapuram with all the features these are LCD with Cable Connection, Air-Conditioning System etc.


Indirapuram Habitat Centre Retail Shops an Ideal Address for Business!

January 7, 2016

Indirapuram Habitat centre developed by Victory Infratech, is going to outline the important which means of perfection. Build with a sole objective of providing a multi-use place whereby discussion problems, business activities, fun, shopping could be done together with your friends and family. This expected venture can sure enough to produce a superb commercial hub in no time. Now a day’s People want a place that not just matches their living standards but also provide them the best services.

Victory Project Ghaziabad is providing the best Retail Shops in city Ghaziabad. Habitat Centre Retail Shops are embellished with all the ultra fashionable amenities like Security System, Waste Disposal, Cafeteria/Food Court, Club House, Party lawns, Reserved Parking, etc. take a look at the specifications of the Victory Habitat Centre:

Sophisticated modern design, Located on main NH offering great connectivity, Luxury suites with all basic and exclusive amenities, Indoor cricket area, playing area for kids etc.

Location is always first priority for properties when it comes to buy a property especially Retail Shops. In IHC, there is the best combination of commercial and residential area. Ghaziabad could be a place that created glorious development within the assets trade.


Indirapuram Habitat Centre by Victory Projects offers Retail shops, Club Suites, Studio & Service Apartments !

October 29, 2015

Victory Projects is a famous builder firm and is introducing their grand corporate architectural project Indirapuram Habitat Centre. This Commercial project is located at Ahinsa Khand 1 in Indirapuram Ghaziabad. The venture gives an extra luxury and magnificence Retail Space place, workplace cum studio and saleable shops at very competitive and reasonable cost.

Bought to you by Victory Projects, Indirapuram Habitat Centre is one of its kind business plus entertainment address. Here new age Shop people will drive off the work monotony with luxurious sports like rooftop basketball and also indulge in rejuvenation in a luxurious spa. At Indirapuram Habitat Centre, you would not just have the location.

IHC offers high end Retail shops, Club Suites, Studio & Service Apartments, Multi Facility environment Club and Multiplex. IHC Retail Space reports herein represent the most comprehensive data set of investment activity compiled for the commercial real estate industry.

Victory Projects is an organization with a distinctive identity which includes the whole real estate industry. It takes over impartiality from the brand Indirapuram Habitat Centre. to endorse an infinite range of verticals, namely housing, Commercial and resell.


130 Sq ft Retail Shops Available in Indirapuram Ghaziabad

October 19, 2015

Indirapuram Habitat Centre expresses the heritage of this known organization because it boasts of such reasonably options that not only promise to meet the demand of current generation, however additionally guarantee to satisfy the requirement of future generation.

Moreover, victory group has tried to goes on the far side a true estate developer’s sole objective of bridging the gap between builders and therefore the end-users with the launch of this mega commercial project.

Indirapuram habitat Center Ghaziabad in one in all few real estate projects that have been completed among record amount of your time.


habitat centre indirapuram additionally being developed so as to fulfill the objective. And that objective is, to develop an integral physical surroundings within which completely different  professions and establishments managing different aspects of habitat and habitat connected environmental problems might operate, work along and attempt to resolve habitat connected issues in a in harmony manner.

This initial of its kind project boasts of remarkable features, like absolutely cool living accommodations, well fitted sanitary system, continuous power backup, security/fire alarm, lift, Wi-Fi property, communication system facility, 24X7 facility, and gymnasium.


Be Productive While Commuting, Else Get Closer

September 2, 2015

We have been in the business for a long time now and if there is one thing we have seen is how businesses became a success and how businesses failed.

Today, we can tell you one thing. How you use your commutation time can easily be one of those factors which can make you highly productive or the opposite of it. While many people think it is wasted time, there are several ways to utilise it for professional gain.

• While travelling, you need to watch out but your ears are not that much used. You can easily listen to radio or digital broadcast. You can, however, ignore entertainment and listen to an audio book or a podcast on what you do. This is especially suggested if you don't drive yourself.

• Reading emails and answering them is another great thing to while travelling. You can easily check your emails and respond to them than to idly sit or stand in Delhi Metro.

• Make your routine for the day. Using smartphone apps, you can prepare your day for yourself and execute ore efficient time management.

• You can utilise it to prepare for any event of the day. If you have a presentation coming up, you can easily go through the slide one more time and proof-read it or think of a better way of presenting it.

However, it is indeed the best if you can cut your commutation time to a bare minimum. For that, you need to choose a location for work where commutation is swift and hassle free. Emporis Commercial Tower is one of those. This is our latest commercial project Emporis Tower in Noida, Sector 140. It is just beside Yamuna Expressway and you know how fast and free of traffic that road is. You can easily go to the nearest metro station and use Delhi Metro Rail's fine and swift service as well.

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The Proper Way to Start A Business

August 31, 2015

Research the market before you start your business. Once you are sure that you can earn money from this market, go ahead with the business plan.

The second part of the research is about your potential customers. Who can fit the profile? Can you think of someone? Will they fill up a questionnaire which might give you a clearer idea? How much will they pay? The more you can find out from them, the better it is for your business. There are some paid tools online which you can use if your budget allows it.

You Need a Business Plan

Now that you know the market, you need to know the exact amount you need to invest to set the business up properly. You also need to calculate the profit and break-even point. You also need to do A SWOT analysis for your business.

Business Practicalities

You need to take care of the realities, like registering your company with the registrar of companies, open a company bank account for financial transactions. You also will need to look for insurances and pay all the taxes needed. Once all these are done, you move to the final step, where we can help you.

Office Space

Whatever is your business, you will need office space. You will need it in a strategically great location, like Emporis Tower Noida Sector 140, our latest project. Fitted with every modern facility and coming up with banquets, gaming arena, restaurants, bank branches and ATMs, this property is simply unique. Situated just beside Yamuna expressway, it is well connected with every part of NCR.


5 things to consider before buying an office

August 30, 2015

What would you want to know and inspect before you buy an office space? While renting an office space is an idea, buying the same is another different thing. Before you start to imagine glass top tables, consider these things while buying an office space. Remember, buying an office space means a huge investment so please be steady and decide well.

Welcome to my website, enjoy Your stay.

This is a sample paragraph. Feel free to edit this text to make it say anything you would like it to say. This is a sample paragraph. Feel free to edit this text to make it say anything you would like it to say. 


  • Government Assistance: You can pay a significantly lower down payment for commercial real estate under the Small Business Administration plan from Indian government if you are a small business owner. Most borrowers need to pay 10% of the total amount while banks cover 50% and SBA covers the remaining 40%.
  • Consider financial limits: once you buy a place, you can decorate it to fit your need and that can mean tax benefits for small business owners. However, all this will come slowly and only after you invest a fair amount of capital. If you are on a tight budget, you might consider renting the place for a while before buying it.
  • Size matters: When it comes to buying commercial space, size does matter. Once you grow bigger than your owned place can accommodate, it will be a difficult problem to solve. You should have a strong and accurate foresight before you invest in an office space.
  • Special Zones: You might have special requirements for your business and some things are just banned by law. For example, you cannot open an office in a residential area. So, enquire if the area is right for your business.
  • Resale value: sooner or later, you will have to sell the office for a better office. Prepare for the legal issues you might face. Also, check the growth in rates of commercial property in that location and how much money can you expect after a certain time.


Considering all, our new project, Indoworld Emporis Tower in Sec 140 Noida, can be your ideal destination. When you consider the above points, we have covered each of these points in our project. There are special zones for IT companies, resale value in Noida is very high, there are different sizes of offices available and we will help you in every way in getting the finance.


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Temporary Office Space: Who Might Need It

August 28, 2015

Temporary office space is usually used when companies don't plan to stay at one place for more than a year. It is more of a makeshift office which is used while the search for a better and permanent office goes on.

There can be a few reasons for this. A company might hire a temporary office while doing a project and once the project is over; there is no need to use that office. Start up companies, with very limited budget, might also hire temporary office spaces which will cost them less money. They will move to a permanent office once they make it big.

Even companies who have permanent offices might look for a temporary office for different purposes. They might open a new branch in a new city and while they search for a better office, they can always use a temporary office.

Once your business needs a permanent office address, you need to buy a space. And if you are in Delhi NCR, where else than Noida to open your new office.

Take a look at Indoworld Emporis Tower in sector 140 Noida, our new project and built by Indoworld. We have acquired the exclusive rights to sell this property.

Emporis Sec 140 is situated in a prime location, just beside Yamuna Expressway which means, you, your employees and your customers can reach it very easily and very quickly, without dodging the nasty traffic of NCR. With modern facilities like double back up power, food courts, banquets, bank branches and ATMs, all weather swimming pool, table tennis arena, basketball court, business centre and innumerable office spaces, this can boost your business manifold. As we have the exclusive rights of brokerage, contact us and not anyone else once you decide to be smart and book early for a better location.


Pros and Cons of Leasing an Office Space

August 27, 2015

In the last blog, we discussed the pros and cons of buying an office space. Like we promised in our last blog, here are the pros and cons of renting an office space or taking it on lease.

Let us discuss the pros of renting an office space first

Best property: As leasing is comparatively cheaper, one can look for the best location and maximum exposure while choosing the office. If your business is dependent on the geo-location, such as an eatery, you can spend on finding the best possible location for the business.

More working capital: As your money is not invested in buying the office space, you can utilise a much greater percentage of capital as working capital. You can borrow more as well when you have a much larger working capital. Both of these can help you, especially if you are in an expansion mood.

Less paper works: Buying a real estate means a lot of complex and tedious legal paper works. When you lease a property, this amount reduces drastically. You can simply rent the space and then concentrate on more important aspects of your business.

However, like it was with buying the office space, renting the office space also has its cons.

Variable cost: Most of the rent or lease agreements come with the terms that the rents will be increased yearly. This means you need to pay more every year.

No return of money: When your lease expires, you simply walk out of that property. Unlike an owned office space, you don't get anything from the property. Whatever rent you have paid gave you to enjoy the space for the certain time.

Like we mentioned in the last blog, there is no clear cut answer to the office space buying versus renting question. We presented every fact about buying and leasing. Now you need to consider your exact need and situation before you decide in favour of either. We have some great commercial real estate, Emporis Tower in Noida for your consideration. Take a look at that if you are looking for office or shop space in Noida.

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There is a well defined religion of commerce “satisfaction of consumers is beyond one’s worship”, and this project by THE INDO WORLD INFRASTRUCTURE is no exception to it. Bringing alive a new connectivity of commerce with IT interface is creating a significant buzz among the buyers, because it is based on one of the concepts, which in the earlier scenario couldn’t be even imagined. But, as they say this QUANTUM of development and they are rare to occur. The main fundamental behind this project which sets it apart from the others is its set of RETAIL market in the lower floor with offices on the upper ones. This combination was in demand in NOIDA, since it’s formulation in 1976, but it was the INDO DEVELOPERS who took the batten of hard work to a level which is hard to even to imagine.


Panache Real Estate

Emporis Tower Noida has its location in NOIDA sector 140 near THE YAMUNA EXPRESSWAY, the ultimate connecting source of DELHI’s road network zones, which is going to prove a lethal combination to beat where the word facility will find a new definition of human satisfaction coming alive. The INDO WORLD INFRASTRUCTURE Pvt. Ltd ,one of the leading real estate honchos, are behind this vision of IT and COMMERCE interface .Their name has been a guarantee of phase change and with this one, they have taken it to new level. The various townships near that region along with colleges nearby ,give a boost to this project as corporate offices have potential buyers in the townships and RETAIL market has it’s in college students and township residents.

Panache Realcon Noida, one of the leading real estate consultancy, has passed it’s every litmus test and is there to withstand every problem to stand by its consumers and create a new definition of service. This buy will prove not just a financial profit deal, but also a PEACE INIATIATER which cannot be bought at any cost AND HERE IT COMES FOR FREE!!!!!